About This Project

Camfire: Hyperlocal news from all over the World

Camfire is a service to break the monopoly of multinational news corporations that just shows you the kind of news that would earn them profits. The wily idea of ​​making the common public use their right to free press and cover hyper-local news came to the brilliant minds of Nupoor Panara and Dhara Patel. They believe that “the public can be the true and legitimate information giver and generate effective journalism” To make their idea of ​​journalism a reality they chose Hyvikk Solutions to design and develop their website.

We, at Hyvikk Solutions , decided to go with the orange and black theme depicting the fire that allows a person to see in the dark. Camfire is a product website for the Camfire application. It is an app where you as a user can easily share original news, incidents, and public celebrations. You can share all the unheard news that are unshared and a place where you can raise your voice. The website includes basic information about the app and step-by-step instructions on how to use the app and its functionalities that will be available to the user.

Camfire website provides the public to use this platform and covers news that is hyperlocal. Capture anything happening in your city to the area of ​​your society or any person. Problems of cleanliness in your street or parking problems in a nearby mall or theft next door or any festival celebrated nearby. Any news on the other side of the globe can be received in seconds, with the aid of digitalization and speedy communication. There is live news on channels and newspapers covering each and every corner of the Globe. People do not know about what is going on nearby. That’s where this application helps. To bring closer the latest news that occurred nearby and that too by someone among you. News that is not fake, biased or paid, just the current situation.


HTML5, Bootstrap