MP Cab App

About This Project

MP Cab App

MP Cab is a car rental agency providing a solution to make your journey hassle free and traveling at your desire with ease. To take their services online and make booking for cabs easier for the customer, they chose Hyvikk Solutions to design and develop their mobile application.

MP Cab provides taxi services with top-notch vehicles. You can choose the vehicle which you desire. They offer a wide variety of taxi catalogs for their customers. Service is the thing that makes them proud so they ensure that their esteemed clients receive top-notch cab services at the minimum cost. Their services have extended over the decade to major cities of Madhya Pradesh. They know that how much one cares for loved ones; hence, keeping their safety in mind they provide door pick-up and drop-offs.

We designed a website that allows the customer to book a cab at any time. There are various types of bookings a customer can make through the mobile app such as a one-way trip, a round trip, or a local trip or the customer can rent a car of their choice for themselves. The customer can select the destination as well as the cab of their choice. After booking the cab, it can be tracked live on the maps. Once the customer has reached the destination, they receive an e-bill on their registered email address. The customer can also provide feedback on the cab ride after they have reached their destination. The client can check the availability of the cabs on the mobile app and can also find offers for different rides.

Android App, Website