About This Project


Salespark, a digital sales tool to connect the sales force with their customers by Hyvikk Solutions is a straightforward and amazing mobile application that can be of tremendous help to sales managers or people with similar occupations. Managing and maintaining the sales, orders, monthly reports, salary reports, etc can be very overwhelming sometimes, but now you can maintain all the reports and details with Salespark without stressing all in one place.

We, at Hyvikk Solutions , designed and developed the Salespark mobile application to make managing monthly or annual reports, and maintaining and tracking sales of the products easy and hassle free at one place and at your fingertips. We created the app with a blue and white colored theme to give it a calm and regal appearance. The app only allows authorized login to keep the digitally stored reports and documents safe. The authorized user can manage the orders they have received for the sale of a product along with the overall sales of that particular product. Login activity can also be managed by the authorized user and they can also track the monthly sales report of every person working under them. The salary report of the employee can also be generated with the help of the app.

Currently, the Salespark app is only developed for Alankar Publications and their authorized person can only access the app for performing above mentioned activities. Alankar publications uses the app to keep a record of the sales of books in schools or bookstores along with the details like salary reports, number of sales, etc of employees who delivered the books. A different section is included for the commission given to a particular employee when they get new schools to purchase from Alankar publications.



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