Swiss Gourmets

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Swiss Gourmets

Swiss Gourmets  is an exquisite gourmet portal, an android mobile application where you can find listings of all the restaurants that are closest to you in Zurich, Space Mittelland, Central Switzerland, North-western Switzerland, Eastern Switzerland, Ticino and Lake Geneva Region. We designed and developed the mobile app with multiple features that can be helpful to the user.

We, at Hyvikk Solutions , crafted the app to be simple and informative so the user will be able to use it easily. Swiss Gourmet Mobile Application has multiple features such as the user can find restaurants in a chosen region or can check out restaurants of all regions. The user can choose the category of cuisine preferred to find the restaurant with expertise in that particular cuisine. All the listed restaurants are displayed along with their location, contact information and the official website if any. If the restaurant provides online booking then the user can book a table at the restaurant from the official website of that restaurant. The restaurant reviews and ratings given by the customers can also be found on the app. The Swiss Gourmet app provides category-wise restaurant listings depending on the type of cuisine selected. In the Swiss Gourmet app, you can also find the latest news. Listing a new restaurant on the app is super easy. In case you would like to add your restaurant to the listing, you just need to fill out a review form provided through which you can add your restaurant.

Technologies Used

Java, xml

Android App, Mobile App