99 Fleets

About This Project

99 Fleets

99 Fleets is a fleet management system application designed and developed by Hyvikk Solutions to make the process easy for the fleet-based company. 99 Fleets can be used by different companies whether it be for logistic transportation or taxi service.

Hyvikk Solutions created 99 Fleets to be intuitive and simple so that it can be easy to use for the admin as well as the user. It provides multiple features for the admin as well as for the user. For Admin, the application provides the features as follows:

  • Onboard new drivers- The admin can add and remove drivers from the fleet through the admin panel of the app.
  • Manage vehicles − The admin can add or remove the vehicles from the fleet through the app.
  • Manage the loads- Booking of new loads or canceling the loads can be done through the app by the admin.
  • Generate reports at different levels- The admin can generate the report regarding the vehicles, fuel used, payments, income, etc through the app.
  • Customize the system to fit your needs- 99 Fleets is a customizable mobile app so the admin can customize it as per needed.

The users of the mobile app can be viewed by the admin and can also be managed. All the vehicle details such as vehicle name, vehicle model, vehicle driver, etc can also be found on the app. The transactions regarding the payments can be done with the help of the app and the history of all payments can be viewed on the app. The loads or logistics details can be made available on the mobile application. The reports of each expense including the profit, loss, income and revenue can be viewed in chart form on the app. The fuel details such as the amount of fuel with the price of which vehicle can be added to the application which makes it easy to manage the payments. Work orders can be managed through the app.

Technologies Used

Java, xml



Android App, Mobile App