About This Project


Fishpond is a Native Android App Template designed and developed by Hyvikk Solutions. The design is inspired by the Aquarium and Sea providing the calmness and warmth of the blue color. The template is inspired by artistic fish designs and also comes with customizable styles. It additionally consists of smooth hover animations and stupendous icons which makes it captivating.  Fishpond can be used by any business that you may have but due to its unique design, it works well for businesses including Aquarium or fish selling businesses. By changing some of the layers of the screen you can also use the template for multiple other category of Mobile Apps.

Fishpond includes stupendous features such as Modern UI/UX design which makes the template engaging. Vector, a well-layered design that is fully customizable as per your needs and choices. The Bubbly Navigation Menu & Action Bar gives the template a playful and joyous look. Floating Elements in the Home Screen, Search Bar, and Products make the user feel interactive and dynamic. Creative Product Info Screen to showcase the products in an engaging way. Redefined Bottom Sheet Usage and In Product Info Screen gives the template an amazing look. API Ready methods for all the Screens which means you just need to create backend API and it is so easy to use that you can manage the response of it on the go. You can customize the template as you like or as per your need with the editable fonts or buttons as per your preference. Customizable templates drag it a step further than the standard templates, allowing you to alter the template structure and details to be suitable for your project’s needs. The Fishpond Android App template is fully responsive across all devices. Fishpond is fully customizable so you can change the background of the app by just changing the image you want in the background. Similar customizations can also be gone for everything including Product Background, etc.



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