Fleet Manager

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Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager is a product from Hyvikk Solutions that makes managing complex tasks related to transportation easy for Fleet-Based Companies. It can be useful for taxi services, fleet management services, transportation services, logistics services and many more services related to shipping or transportation.

Hyvikk Solutions designed this product to be engaging as well as easy to use for admin and user. The Fleet manager provides the following features for the Admin backend:

  • Manage & track fleet- Get up-to-the-minute information on the whereabouts of your drivers and vehicles.
  • User Permissions Management − You have control in your hands. Change permissions, restrict users, and block users.
  • Calendar View for Bookings- Stay up to date on any forthcoming reservations.
  • Vehicle Inspection Module- Keep track and set reminders about regular inspections.
  • Vehicle Insurance & license Management- Renewals are something you’ll never miss.
  • Service Reminders- Don’t miss a maintenance appointment for fleets again by setting up automatic reminders.
  • Track fuel ups on vehicles- Track the fuel usage and mileage to ensure efficient expense tracking.
  • Driver’s Location Tracking- Live Track driver location through Map and decide the next ride for each of them.
  • One Click System Reset

Fleet Manager also provides multiple features that allow the product to be easygoing. The UI features include:

  • Improved Dashboard Statistics with Charts
  • Auto-Search Feature on Data Tables
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Browser Notifications
  • Integrated Google Places API
  • Supported Languages- Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Albanian, French, German, Portuguese & Spanish.
  • Fess & Payment Features- Vehicle Type Wise Fare Setup. Twilio SMS Integration for Booking Notifications. Integrated Payment Gateways: Stripe, Razorpay & Many More…

The Customer Features included in the Fleet Manager allow the customer to book a ride with a simple click and make reservations in real time. The customer can check the history of all the booked trips, whether they are pending, canceled or completed. The customer can also change the destination after booking the ride.

The Fleet Manager App is available on Google Play Store & Codecanyon

Technologies Used

Java, xml

Android App, Mobile App, Web App