P. Patel Ship-breaking

About This Project

P. Patel Ship Breaking Company

P.Patel Ship Breaking is a leading shipbreaking company located in Bhavnagar Alang. To take their business online, they chose Hyvikk Solutions to design and develop their website. We decided to keep the theme as the Earth toned as it resembles their brand voice. We developed an approachable website navigation where the user can easily access all their products and services.

The Organisation is equipped with a well maintained as well as fully equipped plot with required infrastructure which is worker friendly and does not pose a health risk to the workers. There have been efforts to establish a facility that can reduce, minimize and eventually eliminate the adverse effects caused by ship recycling. Their labor force has been trained to work efficiently and make optimum utilization of available resources, thereby reducing wastage and promoting efficiency.

The P.Patel Ship Breaking management has decided to implement a “Green Ship Recycling Management System”. The basic objective is to make the information available and to maintain consistency in recycling which in turn leads to a safe and clean environment for society and provides for safe and harmonious working conditions. The Management at P.Patel Shipbreaking company is fully committed to implementing system guidelines and providing all resources including trained manpower, necessary to ensure effective implementation of the same. All vessels have 3 cycles of life – build, trading, and recycling. At P.Patel Ship breaking company, they focus on the recycling aspect of the vessel’s life. However, this must not be seen in any negative way as the recycling process ensures all of the vessel’s steel and other resources are used productively within the industry. The recycling of vessels provides a huge resource of steel and other metals and machinery which is used in the production of other goods & services. There was a popular notion that ship recycling was best conducted in a mechanized way and therefore could be undertaken only in industrialized countries like the USA and western Europe. However, it is now recognized that it is labor-intensive work and is best conducted in south Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China, where cheap labor is abundant. This has resulted in substantial benefits for the economies and welfare of these countries.

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