About This Project


Toyota  is a renowned brand in the car industry all over the world. Borneo Motors had been focused on the vision of increasing mobile test drives and online car sales for Toyota across Singapore. To make this vision of Borneo Motors a reality, we at Hyvikk Solutions , designed and developed a website. Providing premium quality cars backed with reliable services to their customers has always been the tradition at Toyota. While keeping in mind the local sensitivities, they also ensure that the quality meets the international standards. Being pioneers in the Hybrid Technology is their first step towards developing a more sustainable future. They aim to create a company that works in harmony with nature and society through initiatives focused on education, community development and the environment.

The website provides multiple features that users find appealing. The features allow the user to select a car of their choice. The user can also choose the interior as well as the exterior of the car of their choice. Different models of the chosen car can also be reserved by the user. So basically, the user can design their own car, by selecting the car, model, interior and exterior as well. After the user has selected the car of their own choice, they can reserve the car online on the website, with a refundable deposit. Once your car is reserved and the user has provided the necessary information, a consultant from Borneo Motors will connect with the user via phone call to exchange the mandatory details.

We have come up with a website that is super easy for the user to understand and operate. We have given Borneo Motors an online presence with a website on which its customers can easily reserve their favorite car from anywhere.