TSH Corporation Limited

About This Project

TSH Corporation Limited

TSH Corporation Limited  is a group of companies with a line of business in whiskeys and cocktails. To take their business online, TSH Corporation chose Hyvikk Solutions for designing and developing their website. The  TSH Corporation  website is mobile-friendly, providing information about the business, its investors, and the financial highlights of the business.

The website provides all the necessary information such as the board of directors along with their qualification, experience, and their current responsibilities. The Financial highlights of the business are listed on the website which provides the details of financial investments per year along with profit, loss, revenue, etc. Announcements for general meetings, financial statements, and annual reports can also be posted on the website. Detailed statistics of shareholders is available on the website where user can view the share capital, top shareholders with a number of their shares, and distribution of shareholders by the size of shareholdings. The annual reports are available on the website. The sustainability report for each year is also available on the website.

TSH Corporation Limited focuses on offering premium whiskeys and cocktails and operating six outlets covering five distinct concepts, namely, Quaich Bar, The Other Room, The Other Roof, Copper and Signature Reserve. Quaich Bar stocks more than 200 different whiskey labels with an emphasis on boutique single malt Scotch whiskies, and a sizeable range of selections of world whiskeys including American, Irish, Indian, Japanese, South African, and Taiwanese whiskies. The Other Room offers over 300 in-house cask-finished products, which is unique in Singapore. The Other Roof offers a menu that focuses heavily on integrating tea infusions into cocktails with over 400 in-house tea-finished spirits. Copper, with the tagline “A Whiskey Playground” and 100 whiskeys from around the world, the outlet menu emphasizes whiskey cocktails and carafe serves rather than just neat whiskey by the glass or bottle. The Signature Reserve features an extensive range of whiskey-tasting sets that cater to both beginners and connoisseurs, from old and rare to avant-garde-styled whiskies.