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Get In Touch

In Touch uses innovative communication tools to give employees and leaders a voice with guaranteed confidentiality. To give their brand a voice we, at Hyvikk Solutions developed an interactive website and a platform where they can even manage their content online using WordPress CMS.

In Touch has qualified individuals with extensive training as call center operators. They also provide cutting-edge technology with the best systems such as automated reporting and case management systems powered by seamless, state-of-the-art technology. Security and assuring confidentiality are paramount when it comes to call centers; therefore, all In Touch databases are secured in SSAE18 and GDPR-certified environments. They also provide personalized service and support.

From GDPR compliance to language translation to international toll-free calling, no hotline vendor is more prepared than InTouch to handle the challenges of operating in a global market. InTouch was named a 2019 Top 25 GRC Solutions Provider by CIO Applications Magazine.

In Touch solutions give you the tools to make your organization safer, stronger, and more effective. Whether your company is public or private, large or small, domestic or global, they develop a solution tailored to your objectives. They provide different solutions such as:

Ethics hotlines–also called compliance hotlines, employee hotlines, or whistle-blower hotlines–can help you uncover problems early and address them before they get worse. In Touch hotlines are fully GDPR compliant. Some employee hotline users wish to remain anonymous. Others want a personal response. In Touch hotlines give callers a choice. They also give their clients a choice too, with a range of hotline options: Live Operator, Automated, Combination and Web-based.

Exit Interview Services from In Touch can help combat costly employee turnover. It’s expensive to recruit and train new staff, and their exit interview services guide you in understanding the reasons people are leaving. By becoming aware of and addressing these issues now, you can prevent talented employees from walking away in the future. Ultimately, you’ll save time, hassle, and money. In Touch exit interview services help you discover the source of employee dissatisfaction. They are not only confidential but customizable.

Compliance case management solutions from In Touch help you organize and interpret the data generated from your employee hotlines. The Case Management System (CMS) allows you to securely access your hotline reports and take timely action throughout all stages of compliance case management. The CMS is a one-stop online portal that combines functionality and user-friendly features. From response capabilities to summary reporting, this is a comprehensive and user-friendly suite. CMS makes it easy to: Securely access all your hotline reports, Track individual report activity, Generate summary reports, Identify, monitor, and analyze trends, Keep a legal record of all calls, Adhere to GDPR requirements.

In Touch Management X-Change™ lets you speak directly to employees and engage them in a meaningful dialogue. For CEOs and other company leaders, it can be difficult to connect with front-line employees. If you could deliver your big-picture messages in person, you would. But staff members may be spread across the country or the world, or they may work from home. Emails and newsletters are impersonal, and messages passed through middle management may get distorted. Through this phone-based, two-way communication channel, leaders share news and ideas in their voices. Employees dial in to hear leaders’ recorded messages and can weigh in with instant, anonymous feedback.

In Touch provides service to blue-chip multinationals, private companies, public agencies, and universities around the world. We have assisted community organizations such as the United Way, YMCA, and Autism Speaks.

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