Hebron Preschool

About This Project

The New Hebron Preschool

Hebron Preschool is a nursery and kindergarten for children located in Ahmedabad. The New Hebron Preschool website is a better experience designed and developed by Hyvikk Solutions where parents are stayed updated about their child’s school’s activities through newsletters and gallery images, also giving opportunities to new teachers through career options on the website. The website provides the user with many features such as new admissions, fee payment, staff details, student activities, and much more. We created the website to be interactive so the user can gain all the required information.

Hebron, as the name implies is a learning Shelter for a child and a teaching Shelter for the teacher. The thought of providing an educational shelter crossed the mind of former trustees, which resulted in the establishment of the school in 1966. With the immense support of the staff and parents, they established the strong foundation of being a pioneer of the preschool in Maninagar, Ahmedabad for providing an excellent learning environment and the best in its class culture to enhance the child’s skill from good to excellent. Hebron Pre-School section holds the division of Creche, Nursery, and Kindergarten.

As they believe that a child’s initial learning needs to be brilliantly strong to cherish the knowledge provided in the future, they at Hebron Pre-School provide a child-friendly habitat to nurture the child to develop a lifelong skill. They strive to provide a sound academic foundation, along with the framework from which they can develop positive self-esteem, and a love of learning. The work at school is executed under the supervision of the management and the Principal through which it aims to make a child earnest, industrious, unselfish, resourceful, and more on the side of preserving the God-given joy and sinless heart to be shared with others. The parents stay connected to the child’s activities through the website.

Technologies Used


Web App, Website