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Chetna’s Tailors

Chetna’s tailor is known for designing classy and elegant suits for vibrant Indian ethnic wear. To take her business online and maintain an online presence, they chose Hyvikk Solutions to design and develop their website. We engineered a new digital platform for their modern tailor business and build a strong digital presence online with a fully functional, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive website which has helped her to expand her business internationally. With her skills, Chetna has been able to take her business worldwide and also able to build a loyal community.

Chetna’s Tailors has since long been known for its artistic touch, finesse, and a class of tailored clothing. Whether it’s an Ethnic Piece of clothing or a dress inspired by a Red-Carpet celebrity, they have a collection of Everything. You Name it and they will make it for you. Their tailoring skills matched with creative instincts have helped them successfully create a base of satisfied clients that can testify to the quality of work done by them. When a client arrives, their requirements are noted, along with a few suggestions and then an abstract idea is decided upon. Based on the discussion with the client, the cloth that suits the best is selected. Designs are decided and kept ready. The next step involves the actual conversion of the abstract idea into a beautiful article of clothing that suits the prerequisites of the client and has a sense of Chetna’s style.

At Chetna’s Tailors, they are most appreciated for the touch of originality & style they give to the outfit and the comfort one gets on wearing it. Chetna’s tailor provides tailoring options for men and women. The user can view the tailoring choices for men i.e. suits, jackets, trousers, formal wear, etc or women i.e. blouses, skirts, dresses, etc. They also provide alteration services for ready-made attires or for clothes that are old and no longer fit you. The user can book an appointment directly from the website. Their completed work can be viewed by the user on the website.

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