Golden Hairdressers

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Golden Hairdressers

Golden Hairdressers have been providing leading salon service for the past 80 years with their innovative enriched beauty and wellness treatments in Bhavnagar. Golden Hairdressers needed a more customized and user-friendly website to showcase their amazing services, so they chose Hyvikk Solutions to design and develop their website.

To give the website a new look and feel we decided to go with a color palette that evokes a professional and approachable brand experience to the audience. The user can choose the hairstyles or consult the hairstylist at Golden to give the flattering look the user can wear to the office or a casual party out. There is a hairstyle to suit every lifestyle. Golden does not just provide hairstyle services, it also provides hair coloring services and facial services. When the user is looking to change an entire look, coloring the hair is the choice. Golden’s extensive range of facials is custom-made to gift the radiant, flawless, toned and supple skin that is always dreamt of.

The Golden Hairdressers saloon was established in 1962. From that time till now, they are giving sincere services to the customers. They have developed many new techniques for hair styling. They have L’oreal and Wella certified hair stylers who can help you any time. They try to improve service every time, making it better than the best. Any problem with men’s hair/beauty then they are the right choice. From contemporary hair designs to classic coiffes, Golden Hair Dressers had an eye for cutting-edge beauty and the latest hair designs. They believe the hair should not only compliment your lifestyle but actually become the very focal point of the personal style as a Haircut is what makes your looks or ruins your looks.

The Golden Hairdressers Hair Treatments range is all about maintaining and enhancing the wellness of your hair. Their International range of hair treatments, work by remineralizing, soothing, deep conditioning and rejuvenating your hair and scalp for lasting effects. Golden’s Skin Care and Skin Treatments range of services are all about improving the wellness of your skin.

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