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Invoice Uploader

Invoice Uploader by Hyvikk Solutions is a simple and intuitive mobile application that can help you organize your monthly or annual bills by just entering the invoice details in the app. Maintaining physical copies of the bills or invoices can be really a problem so you can store all of your invoices in a digitally safe space on Invoice uploader, all you need to do is click a picture of the invoice, enter the amount and tax information.

We, at Hyvikk Solutions, crafted the Invoice Uploader mobile application to make the managing of bills or invoices easy and hassle free at one place and at your fingertips. We chose a blue and grey theme to give the mobile app a sincere and engaging interface. The user will have to register and log in to the app as it is password protected so no one can access it other than the user. After logging in to the app the user can add every single invoice with its respective invoice details such as invoice name, date of when the invoice was generated, category of the invoice, the total amount of the invoice, service tax applied, method of payment of that particular invoice and any remarks if needed. After filling up all the invoice details on the app, you can upload the image of the original invoice to be saved so you won’t have to look for the physical copy of the invoice anywhere. Your bills/ invoices will always be with you and you can access them whenever and wherever you want. Lastly, the Invoice uploader app also provides the monthly report of the invoices added during the whole month which can help you organize your monthly budget.

You can download the Invoice Uploader on Google Play Store.

Technologies Used

Java, xml


Invoice Uploader

Android App, Mobile App